Advice for Ample Space

Solutions to Limited Space Problems is presently a project dedicated to promote the awareness of storage ideas, home organization and space management - present some solutions and suggest some available resources to counter limited space problems.


1) To present some organizing essentials for the home.

2) To suggest some strategies for planning, designing and organizing home storage.

3) To suggest resources available - in the form of books, magazines, etc.

4) To allow storage companies, organizing consultants etc. to advertise their services.

Other Matters

In association with Amazon.con, we bring useful resources to our readers, especially the reading materials. By going through the links on our site and buying the books from, (now owned by Shenz International) will receive a very small commission from - thus helping to support the running cost of this project. If you do not make any purchase, we do not receive any commission. will strive to make the information presented on this web site as clear and as accurate as possible.Safety is an important issue that will not be compromised. But readers have to be cautious in using or following any advice given here. DO NOT use it if you think it poses risk to person or property. Evaluate your situation carefully before doing anything.

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Note of Caution:

Any advice given on this web site, whether by or a third party author should be used only if you feel that it poses no risk to person or property.

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The Author
I developed this site in 2002 and is now putting intensive effort in upgrading it. I enjoy reading good books and writing, web-developing, and sharing ideas with others.

Being a career person and a parent with many responsibilities, I found that the only way to a more organized life is to be constantly aware of the need to be organized and making it a habit to be one. Fortunately, that was not difficult for me.

Having lived in different countries and many places, especially in highrise apartments where space is limited, I have struggled to make the most of the space available so that my living area not only looks good (which is very important to me), but is also functional. Organizing the space around me is one of my many passions - and having read, learnt and practised good organizing skills, I love to share them with others. I hope you have a fruitful time on this website.
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