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Stuff we tend to hordeTo keep or to discard - to display or to hide

To horde is human nature. How many times had we given in to the temptation of acquiring things which we thought we needed but actually were just our "wants" for that moment. We scouted discount stores and we bought. We brought in things our neighbours threw out! We received gifts during festive occasions. We saved the shoes boxes, the cardboard box, the empty containers, and more! We were sure one day we would be in need of them - or do we really? As time passed, we eventually became overwhelmed by an enormous amount of stuffs that competed for space in our living area. They will remain there unless we DO SOMETHING ABOUT THEM.

Here are some suggestions to organize your storage decisions. But be prepared - for they could sound easier than you thought. First, ask yourself some of these questions. How often do I need these items? Will I ever use it again? Can I do without it? If it is a decorative item, does it go well with the rest of my home decor? Do I keep it because of sentimental reasons?

[ Regularly Used Items ]
Store all regularly used items in conspicuous, easily accessible areas. Put them on table tops, open shelves, and any other storage places that are near and close to the purpose the items are meant to be used for.

[ Rarely used / seasonal items ]
These are better kept away in chest and other less accessible part of the storage area so as to make space for the more regularly used ones.

[ Never to be used but can't bear to part with ]
Sometimes, these are items with sentimental values. Other times, these stuffs increase in value with time (as with antiques) and there is no reason to part with them.

Items you don't need anymore. The solution is obvious - get rid of them. You do not have to dump them all - some can be sold or given away.

Decorative items ]
How often have we stopped to admire the beautiful things we have displayed around the house. Are they competing with each other for spaces too? Have they lost their decorative value? Have they been collecting dust and sometimes displayed so high that no eye can meet them. It is time to re-evaluate the decorative value of the things you have around your place. Having some is better than none. Less is better than more. Think of museums not warehouses. Some of these decorative items can be kept away and then brought out to be displayed on a rotational basis. Read TIPS FOR THOUGHTS for ideas to deal with your junk items!

A Word of Advice
Getting organized is very hard at the beginning, especially if it involves the entire home! It may be a long and continuous process. Start from some where manageable, for example, the drawers. Then gradually proceed to all the cupboards or shelves. Clear out things and rearrange only the ones you need. Be persistent - but do not over exert yourself physically. Wear a mask and a glove if you need to go through things that are dusty. The entire process may take you weeks - depending on the size of your home and the amount of things you have! It is better to do a thorough job.

Do not stop when the whole house seemed well organized. For clutter may find its way back again. Devise a plan to counter CLUTTER and make it a habit to stick to the plan.

Note of Caution:

Any advice given on this web site, whether by or a third party author should be used only if you feel that it poses no risk to person or property.

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Study Room, Home Office: Extensive bookshelves (ceiling-to-floor), custom cabinets, 6 full-length wardrobes, a writing desk, and wall storage and hanging cabinets (not shown) define the room. Still space for plenty of storage and expansion.
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Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. (Donald Marquis)

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