Advice for Ample Space

Solutions to Limited Space Problems

There are virtually limitless possibilities in which you can conserve space and make your living area as pleasant as possible. Below are some videos from third party resources showing various ways to use containers and other storage tools to help in organizing items around the home. As each family's needs and lifestyle are different, some advice may not apply well to your situation.

Some useful tips to save space for each area in the home are listed on the right column. Not everybody has all these areas in their homes. Read it if it applies to you.

Video collection on Home Storage Organization

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Note of Caution:

Any advice given on this web site, whether by or a third party author should be used only if you feel that it poses no risk to person or property.

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Very Compact Study Room
A well-organized work area increases one's productivity at work. Some people believe that a clutter-free home is good for 'fengshui' which affects one's wealth, relationship and health!
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